As a so-called “cradle Catholic,” I’ve always known that the lectionary was laid out in an intentional way, and that the readings were combined around themes; I just didn’t always know what those themes were.  Sometimes it was quite obvious — like when the Old Testament reading featured a prophecy and the Gospel reading recounted the fulfillment of said prophecy — but more often than not, I missed the deeper connection.

A few years ago, I became more and more curious about the connections between the readings at Mass.  I suspected that there was genius that I was missing out on, like I was standing in front of a buffet table with the lights off: I couldn’t see the tremendous bounty that was right under my nose.

I already had a deep appreciation for Scripture.  At the time, I was on a kick of learning about how linguistics and literary devices could give new depth and meaning to passages I’d read untold times before.  It occurred to me that I could marry the two: I was already attending Mass and hearing these readings, why not use that as a format for study and get more out of Mass each Sunday?

I did some poking around on the Internet, and I found the lectionary-based Bible study from St. Charles Borremeo in Picayune, Mississippi, which I really liked.  For a year or two, that scratched the itch.  My suspicions were correct — I got so much more out of the Liturgy of the Word when I studied the readings in advance!

Then, on a Sunday in July 2010, I was sitting in the pew waiting for Mass to begin, thinking about what I’d learned in that week’s Bible study.  I looked around, wondering how many other pew-dwellers might also enjoy the resource I’d found.  My only wish was that I could somehow subscribe and have the study for each week delivered to my email inbox.

St. Charles ought to convert their Bible study into a weekly email for subscribers, I thought.  Or, even, better, they should convert the study to a blog format, so that it’s indexed and searchable.  It would be so easy to do!  Think of the people they could reach!

And then a very strange thought popped into my head.  YOU DO IT.

What?!  I had a full life – a baby, a husband, a full-time job. My mother had Stage IV renal cancer, and my dad needed help and support to care for her.  I didn’t need more to do.

Then again, I had launched a blog a few months before; I had the skills and knowledge to pull it off.  No training required.


I got a little light-headed.  I started to sweat.  Was this what it was like to be called?

I scratched around with the concept, and got excited about a few ideas.  But then I forced myself to set the whole thing aside, thinking I had lost my mind.  I don’t have time for this, I thought.  Not now. You’re stretching yourself too far.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling I had sitting in that pew.  I had been physically impacted by the idea of this blog, and my pulse quickened just thinking back on that day.  If being called felt that electric, what would ignoring a call feel like?  I didn’t want to find out.

It took me a while to get it up and running, and I’ve had to work out a few kinks along the way, but it’s finally here.  I hope you enjoy it!


Laura writes about food and life at www.whitefluffyicing.com and welcomes your comments, suggestions, and general feedback at whitefluffyicing (at) gmail (dot) com.

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